Top 5 Posts of Last Week (20/07/2014)

Every week on our Facebook Page, members post dozens of post on topics related to Behaviour Analysis, its applications and related issues. One purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the most “liked” posts in order to make them available to a wider audience.

This week our top 5 posts are:

5. Cuts to St. Catherine’s Association

st cats

There have been a number of posts this week related to cuts to St. Catherine’s Association in Wicklow. The HSE is reported to have made cuts of 500,000 euro to the service without warning. St. Catherine’s is well known to ABA supporters in Ireland. It was the centre of a protracted High Court challenge on the subject of providing ABA to children with autism and remains one of the few centres in Ireland where the families of children with autism and intellectual disabilities can access ABA.

Keith posted a link to this petition which aims to pressure the HSE into reversing the funding cuts. Readers are encouraged to sign and share it.

4. A Behaviour View of Sleep Throughout the Lifetime

An upcoming workshop by Professor Neville Blampied of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch on the topic of sleep seems to be of interest to many ABA Ireland members. Professor Blampied will be presenting workshops and lectures on the topic in TCD, NUIM and at QUB.

3. RASID Call for Papers

Louise McHugh posted this link to a call for papers from Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders on the subject of Derived Relational Responding in Autism Spectrum Disorders. This is a popular area of research in Ireland so hopefully we will see lots of Irish researchers featured when the special issue of the journal is published.

2.  Science Versus Pseudoscience

Louise shared a photo from IFLS:

IFLS Pseudoscience

One member related the image back to the provision of services for people with autism noting that interventions that lack an evidence base are widely funded in Ireland while ABA is not. IFLS is highly recommended and deserves great credit for encouraging people to learn more about science and how it differs from pseudoscience.

1. Labour Committed to Funding and Recognising Autistic SchoolsJan O'Sullivan

Ruairi Quinn has left the Department of Education and Skills and been replaced by Labour’s Jan O’Sullivan. Michelle shared a link (originally posted by QUART) to a 2007 press release from the then opposition TD.

On the subject of the costs of providing ABA to children with autism Jan stated:

This is an extremely small price to pay for giving autistic children the best possible start by providing education directly catered towards their needs

Some posters were skeptical about the possibility of the Minister changing her new department’s policy. One noted that tendency of her predecessors to conveniently forget their pre-election positions when power while another pointed out that words are cheap when in opposition. At least one member felt that we should “give her a chance and wait and see what she does” as ” its all about measuring behaviour in the end, even the behaviour of Ministers.”

That’s all for this week. All comments welcome.

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