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Teaching Council of Ireland Public Consultation

Currently, the Teaching Council of Ireland (TCI) is hold two separate consultations and are inviting submissions from interested stakeholders.

The first consultation is on the subject of the TCI’s draft strategic plan for 2015-2017.  The draft can be read here.  At a glance, the document seems promising in the sense that it seems to promise a new emphasis on CPD and on fitness to teach. However, I suspect that many ABA Ireland members will be disappointed with the absence of any reference to matters such as compulsory autism or special needs specific qualifications, supervision and training.

The second consultation is on the linked subject of Registration Regulations. Many ABA Ireland members have registered with the TCI recently. Some have expressed concern that their provisional recognition will lapse within a short space of time. Others have expressed concern that they have a second class form of registration that does not allow the parent of a child using the home tuition scheme to hire them until the parents can demonstrate that no teacher was available. If you have had positive or negative experience with regard to registration regulations, this is an opportunity to let the TCI know and hopefully your views will be reflected in the new regulations.

ABA Ireland Top 5 Recent Posts 11/10/2014

Every week on our Facebook Page, members submit dozens of posts on topics related to Behaviour Analysis, its applications and related issues. One purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the most “liked” and useful posts in order to make them available to a wider audience.

5. BCBA Results

Michelle Kelly’s post congratulating those who had passed the recent BACB BCBA exam was very popular. ABA Ireland members who recently achieved Board Certified Behaviour Analyst status include Amanda Nally, Mel Smyth, Josema Fernandez and Jen Horgan-Dorgan.


Congrats guys!

4. Assesseing Progress and outcome of early intensive behavioural intervention for toddlers with autism


Congratulations to NECC Senior Program Director Rebecca MacDonald and her colleagues Diana Parry-Cruwys, Sally Dupere and William Ahern who recently published an article on assessing EIBI for toddlers with autism.

The study adds to the EIBI literature by using the Early Skills Assessment Tool (ESAT) to measure progress in toddlers under the age of three.  Instruction was provided through discrete trial and naturalistic teaching and was delivered in 1:1 and group settings.  Each toddler participating in the study had a team of 3-4 therapists who had 1-3 years of training in ABA and were supervised on a daily basis by a BCBA level supervisor. The supervisors received supervision from a BCBA-D on a weekly basis.

The results indicated increases in scores for all ages groups on important developmental and social measures that are commonly included in an EIBI treatment package.  Most interestingly, the increases were greatest for the 1 year old group.

To read the full article, follow this link.

3. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis (JABA) on Youtube

JABA now has a YouTube Channel.  While JABA plans to include things like Podcasts and video abstracts on the channel, one of the most practical utlities of the channel will be that it allows JABA contributors to post video examples of the methodology they used.  This will enable practitioners to more easily implement the procedures they read about and facilitiate more accurate replications.  It is a very welcome development. Check out this example from a recent article on serial and concurrent training methods:

2.  2nd UK & Ireland ACT CBS Conference

Ashling Curtin uploaded a draft schedule for the second UK & Ireland ACT/CBS Conference. The line-up is looking great with well-known speakers such as Steven Hayes, Dermott and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Lisa Coyne and Eric Morris.


1. PSI DBA BCBA Supervision

The final useful post for this week is a link to the DBA Blog. The PSI DBA is organising a BCBA supervisor training blog to meet the requirements set by the BACB for those who wish to provide BCBA supervision.  The workshop will be run by Dr. Rita Honan. By the end of it,  those who have attended should be able to

  • describe the function of supervision

  • identify the constituents and process of a supervisory relationship

  • describe how the major models of clinical supervision can be adapted for use when supervising behaviour analysts

  • detail the key characteristics of supervisory content and practices in applied behaviour analysis

  • describe their approach to evaluation/performance feedback in the supervisory relationship

  • describe and discuss the ethical issues related to supervision

  • use information from the workshop to build a more effective model for their own supervisory practice


As ever, all comments are welcome.

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